Phase 2 AFK

As you might have gathered from the world around us. Nothing is going back to normal anytime soon. Nor are we. Phase 2 AFK is still not the AFK you knew last year, and not the AFK you wish was here still. But we’re still trying to make this work in the middle of the apocalypse. Check out the general FAQ

Phase 2 Service

  • Bar side service: Our normal bar is open for business. It has a reduced capacity and no real areas for standing room right now. But it’s the classic AFK bar. All service is up at the right side of the counter and drink pick up has been moved to the left side. Full food menu is available as well. You can still use the online system for ordering while in the bar if you don’t want to stand at the counter side. Just note your name & that you’re in the bar under take out and we’ll get you set up. A new bar entrance is being worked out to keep things easy for closing down parts of the Tavern to keep us open later. This is a work in progress.
  • Deck seating: Our smoking deck is open! Service works the same as it has for the last ~9.5 years with the deck. You come inside and order the counter side. Deck seating is 4 groups of 5 people. Please do not clump on the right side of the deck. We’ve also installed 3 sun/rain shades over 3 of the zones.
  • Contactless Isolation Pods: These are most of our tables because of our layout this ended up working to make the most of our space. You can have sit down experience with your friends, play games, and enjoy things at your own pace. Food & drink is dropped off on a nearby bar area where you leave your pod to pick it up. You can call and get a Pod assigned to you, and then order ahead so all your food and drinks are waiting in your Pod for you upon arrival!
  • Takeout and curbside: We’re still offering take out and curbside if you don’t feel comfortable in a building. No judgement. 
  • Delivery: Our delivery is run with our own staff. As of this post we’re still keeping the costs on it low, but if we need to swap around staffing the cost on it will end up changing in the next week.

Services not offered/consistently offered right now:

  • General seating table side service – We’ve had issues with table side service over the last 1.5 weeks and have made the choice to put it back to the drawing boards while we work on getting back to full hours and getting the bar up and running (the profit center of the tavern) If you’re looking for a more normal experience we suggest the bar counter service. This will be re-addressed before June 27th.
  • Large parties: We can still not host groups over 5 at the same table area. This is in accordance to Phase 2 Rules