The EPIC Food of the AFK Tavern Menu

IMG_9843Wonder what's cooking on the AFK Tavern menu?

We take care in what we buy, ensuring the highest quality ingredients for our products. We care about what we make and stand by our food. From our Burgers to our famous Tots you'll find we take pride in what we do. Enjoy our food menu. Wonder what  specials we have? Check out or Facebook page for more updates! Now onward to adventure...and the AFK Tavern menu!

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    • Battle Ready Burgers

      All of our burgers are made with a thick hand made all-chuck patty. Grilled on an open fire grill to well done (unless you'd like different) and quenched in a special au jus before serving.

    • The Legacy

      The Legacy

      All prime chuck patty and and fresh hand selected veggies.

    • Muggle


      This add-on was so popular, it became it’s own menu item. An all-chuck patty, tomato, greens, red onion, a choice of cheese, mayo, and unicorn bacon.

    • The Orc

      The Orc

      A burger for the orc-sized appetite! All-chuck patty, piled high with ham, bacon, salami, mayo, your choice of cheese, and no wussy greens.

    • The Dragon

      The Dragon

      RAWR! An all-chuck patty, topped with Skyfire salsa, greens, pepper jack cheese, guacamole, and spicy mayo.

    • The Resurgence

      The Resurgence

      Our special hazelnut veggie burger patty, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, spring mix, grilled portobello slices, guacamole and mayo.

    • Street Samurai

      Street Samurai

      Hungry for a mega-corp buyout burger? Pineapple, Provolone, teriyaki sauce, and a mild wasabi mayo on an all-chuck patty.

    • The 1UP

      The 1UP

      A huge portobello cap topped with Swiss, bacon, and an all-chuck patty. It’s the best mushroom burger in town.

    • Witch-King


      Wage war with this burger! Made with bacon, bleu cheese, house made rib sauce, all-chuck patty and spell-frizzled onions.

    • Legendary Burgers

      Did you look at the other burgers and go “ya I could eat two of those.’ Well friend, These burgers are for you. These are AFK’s legendary burgers not something to be ordered without preparing your mind and your body. Warning: These burgers take up lots of grill space to make and take extra time!

    • The Orc Raider

      A burger for the  orc warrior!  Two All-chuck patty piled high with a massive cut of ham, four slices of bacon,  salami, mayo, your choice of cheese, and no wussy greens. $17.75

    • Ancient Red

      Spicy with a zip of flavor! Two all-chuck burger patties dripping in our hot wing sauce, smothered with sour cream, and topped with sky fire salsa, pepper jack, greens, onions, dragon mayo, guac, and jalapeno slices.  $16.25

    • The Warchief

      The Warchief

      AFK’s most Legendary burger is back! It started out as an off menu item, then joined the main menu in 2012. It has been on and off in various renditions since. This item uses at least one of each type of meat in our kitchen. All legendary burgers take extra time, this one can take even more...but it’s worth the wait. One Slayer steak, stacked with Two All-chuck patty, a chicken breast, one massive cut of ham, roast beef, eight slices of bacon, salami, turkey, mayo, and your choice of three cheeses! WARRGGLLEEWARGGLLEE $44.75

      • Meaty As Fuck
    • Skirmish Style Sliders

      Three wonderful little sliders and a side just for you!

    • Link’s Vengeance

      A three chicken patties topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, greens, tomatoes, red onion, and a special house made chipotle ranch dressing.

      • chicken
    • Sell Out Sliders

      Chuck sliders with teriyaki, provolone cheese, wasabi mayo, and pineapple.

    • Cucco Slider

      Chicken sliders with greens, mayo, your choice of cheese!

    • Can Has Slider

      Chuck sliders with, mayo, your choice of cheese!

    • Battle Sliders

      Chuck sliders with our special Dwarven battle bread cream cheese and garlic spread.

    • Drake Sliders

      Chuck sliders with greens, dragon mayo, salsa, onions, mayo, and cheddar cheese.

    • The Shire

      The Shire

       A wonderful pile of spell-frizzled onions sitting upon an three all-chuck patty, mayo, and splashed with barbecue sauce.

    • Sandwichs

      All of our sandwiches are made with house made bread or Texas toast and can be made as a wrap.

    • The Roast Beast

      Sliced Roast Beef, fresh tomatoes, greens, mayo, red onions, and swiss cheese.

    • The ULT

      Grilled “unicorn” bacon, greens, mayo,  and tomatoes with provolone cheese.

    • The Hammer Slammer

      Ham, cheese, salami, tomato, and greens.

    • Turkey Club of Smiting

      Turkey Club of Smiting

      Grilled turkey and “unicorn” bacon, greens, and fresh tomatoes with our unique Mayo of Smiting.

    • Salads

    • Caesar Salad

      Caesar Salad

      A classic Caesar salad with Parmesan and croutons. Full: 6.25 Half 4.25

    • Salad of Simplicity

      Salad of Simplicity

      A fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumber, thinly sliced red onions, croutons, and your choice of dressing. Full: $6.25 Side: $4.25

    • Epic Level Meat

      Epic prime steak & 100% house made ribs adorn our epic meat menu. Prepare you self for a meatplosion of meaty meatness. Both steaks come with a side, and a bonus choice between Caesar or our House Salad to nom down on!

    • The Dragon Knight

      The Dragon Knight

      The bards tell tales of the most legendary steak of AFK. This item is not for newbies! But if you're one for a gastro-adventure this might be a monster you could slay. One GIANT slab of Prime Angus Flat Iron steak. Order to share, or to devour all by yourself.

    • The Slayer

      The Slayer

      A 8 oz hand trimmed blade steak.

    • Quest Worthy Appetizers

      Our Appetizers are built to fuel a table of four for a fantastic gaming session. They can be used as a meal unto them selves for 1-2 people. Be sure you're ready for the challenge!

    • +1 Tots or Fries

      Tater tots or hand-cut fries, topped with nacho cheese and garnished with green onions and black olives.

    • Dwarven Battle Toast

      Prepare your self for four slices of the most battle-ready garlic cheesy bread you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

    • Fried Ravioli

      Deep fried jalapeno-cheese stuffed and breaded ravioli. Not for the faint of heart.

    • Bacon of Eternity

      Chicken fried bacon, with gravy! “In the hall of the house of death is a clock with a pendulum like a blade but with no hands, because in the house of Death there is no time but the present… it swings with a faint whum-whum noise, gently slicing thin rashers of interval from the bacon of eternity.”*
      *Quote from Sir Terry Pratchett’s “Reaper Man”

    • Drake Scale Nachos

      AFK’s most epic nachos, covered in magical cheese, tempered with spiced beef, flame enchanted peppers, the blackest of olives, Skyfire Salsa, and the most sulfuric of green onions.

    • Fried Ravioli

      Deep fried jalapeno-cheese stuffed and breaded ravioli. Not for the faint of heart.

    • QQ Chicken Quesadilla

      QQ Chicken Quesadilla

      Less QQ and more pew pew...This grilled chicken Quesadilla is made with black olives, and skyfire salsa served with a side of sour cream and guacamole. Perfect for a pre-meal snack, or for one hungry AFKer.

    • Mozzarella Joysticks


      A basket of breaded and fried mozzarella sticks with a side of house marinara sauce.

    • Divining Pasta

      Get your strainer hat ready! We have some truly divine pasta. Gluten free? We have brown rice pasta available as well.

    • Firebat Penne

      The classic. The Original pasta of AFK! Created in the depths of the kitchen... This vodka cream sauce, spiced and a hint of tomato. Reduced and sauteed with firm penne pasta, topped with Parmesan, chives, and served with a slice of Dwarven Battle Bread. Spice level 1 - 5 ✰

    • Poached Spaghetti Monster

      Although it is no longer flying, this delicious spaghetti pasta is made with house marinara, topped with Parmesan cheese, and green onions.

    • Soup & Chili

    • Soup of the Day

      As your server what delicious soup is available. Prices may vary.