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Our Epic Happy Hour is from 3pm-7pm EVERY FREAKING DAY. Enjoy. ... See MoreSee Less

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Josh KampaMaybe after 11 too? I would nom those noms so hard.19 hours ago
Nick NobleWaffle Me! m.youtube.com/watch?v=LicptUy9Ay418 hours ago   ·  1
Steve PoarchJust had the Enchanted Tots yesterday. Helped me pwn foos at Super smash bros.! #Samus16 hours ago   ·  1
Jocelyn GoldschmidtWe love your new happy hour menu!!! You have made it so we can afford to come more often!! Thank you!!7 hours ago

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AFK Tavern shared Geek & Sundry's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

We are happy to announce that there will be a Season 4 of #TableTop with Wil Wheaton! 🎲📚🎉 (We are having a mini hiatus for two weeks to prep for the Season 3 finale!)

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Michael HamlinWho?1 day ago
Rock PetersonWanting to see Vin Diesel, Neil Patrick Harris, Kevin Smith, Jay Mewes, & Eliza Dushku. Make it happen Wil.1 day ago   ·  1
Caolan Dixowlbear20 hours ago

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Their tie-breaker opponents following closely in second are Presidential Thugs, and following in third place are The Party You Forgot to Level! Great job during this week's tough trivia rounds, and congratulations to our winners! Trivia will return next Monday after 7pm with more (hopefully less stumping) nerdy, geeky questions!
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AFK TavernWhat are the six types of classes available in Final Fantasy I? Warrior (Fighter), Monk (Black Belt), Thief, White Mage, Red Mage, Black Mage When fans talk about the Sangheili from the Halo Universe, which alien are the fans referring to? Elites Who technically ends up destroying the One Ring? Gollum The villain that Dr.Horrible is afraid of more is…? Bad Horse What major event led Magneto to distrust humanity? the Holocaust What was the name of the last boss in the original Metroid video game? Mother brain On the TV show Grimm, what type of Wesen is Monroe? Blutbad Which film had song “Springtime for Hitler” The Producers What was the title of the first James Bond book? Casino Royale How many players are there on a standard Quidditch team? 7 What is the AI’s name of the ship, Red Dwarf? Holly What is the name of the ship Neo boards in the movie The Matrix? Nebuchadnezzar Name at least three of the playable characters from Borderlands Two. Salvador, Maya, Zer0, Axton, Gaige, Krieg Linda Lee Danvers is what superheroes’ alter ego? Supergirl What is the last sentence in Bilbo’s book? “And he lived happily ever after. To the end of his days.” Who is Tommy Pickles of the Rugrats, parodied off of? The Doctor What element has the atomic number 26? Iron In the movie 'Tarzan,' you can see a tea set in the "trash the camp" scene sitting on a tea cart. Who are they? Chip and Mrs. Potts What is Pepper Potts allergic to? Strawberries In Portal 2, what are the names of the testing robot partners? P-body and Atlas ______________________________________________ What was the in-development code-name for Half-Life? Quiver In Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, what is the name of the mouse shape on the moon of Arrakis? Muad’Ib (Mu-ah-deeb) In Fellowship of the Ring, who took multiple arrows to the chest before dying just north of the Falls of Rauros? Boromir Arya Stark is known by many names. Under what alias is she posing when she meets Jaqen H’ghar. “Arry” What is the name of the world from Final Fantasy X (10)? Spira The three Prime Evils from the Diablo universe are…? Diablo, Mephisto, Baal In the comic book series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8″, what is the name of the thricewise who turned Dawn into a giant? Kenny How does Hagrid camouflage his semi-functional broken wand? In a pink umbrella What are the warring city-states of the League of Legends universe? Demacia and Noxus According to the label on the case, what should you not do to Wonderflonium? Bounce it. Rumplestiltskin is played by who, in Once Upon a Time? Robert Carlyle What is the name of the tree who protects the Kokiri’s emerald? (Great) Deku Tree What is the name of John Crichton of Farscape's gun? Winona On the Syfy TV series Defiance, who does Sukar call “Little Wolf”? Irisa Name the Miyazaki character who gave his heart to a fire demon, who helps keep his castle moving. Howl Pendragon Who was the second Robin, and who did he evolve into? Jason Todd + Red Hood What is the name of the composer who did works for anime series’ such as Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell? Yoko Kanno Who plays Starbuck in the 2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica? Katee Sackhoff In the Movie Tank Girl, What do the girls disguise themselves as to gain entry to Water & Power? Photographers What was Optimus Prime’s name before he became a Prime? Orion Pax --- TIE BREAKERS --- How many mathematical equations did Michael Faraday publish? 1 Horse hooves and animal bones are used to make what edible item? Gelatin What kind of butterfly mimics the coloring of the Monarch to convince birds that they are poisonous? Viceroy butterflies1 day ago   ·  1

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Our WTF?! geek/nerd trivia is tonight at 7pm in the main dining room! Shenanigans, mead, and bragging rights via Facebook!

WTF?! Trivia!
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Eventful Sunday ahead!

Starting at 11am we have our EPIC Happy Hour along side our Innkeeper Derek with some casual play and deck building Hearthstone Fireside Gathering.

Following that at 4pm is Bilgewater Pirate Erik with our League of Legends Bilgewater Boarding Party! [ Riot Event ID: 130291 ]

Hearthstone: Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

Bilgewater Boarding Party:
LoL Bilgewater Boarding Party

Come in to join or watch the festivities! (2 photos)
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Steven RassmusenWhy are these always in days I work :(2 days ago

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AFK Tavern updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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April McClaughryOde to Hogwarts4 days ago   ·  1
Amber ThurmanOoooooh <34 days ago

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"Happy Birthday Harry Potter" continues tonight at 6pm! (7 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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It has sure been a crazy night. Thanks to all who joined us for "Happy Birthday Harry Potter!" But we need to shout out to two of our staff members tonight. We had some unfortunate call outs in our kitchen today, that left us with only two cooks. These two worked their asses off. Our hats are off to them. ... See MoreSee Less

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JustInsane HarrisLove to see a restaurant do a shout out to their chefs who have to step up when others leave them in the weeds, for whatever reason. It's a bitch to do, been there myself, and props to you guys! Keep your pans moving boys!3 days ago   ·  2
Tracy CraigWe went to AFK for the first time last night and were warned ahead of time by some people leaving of the short staff. With that being said the atmosphere and the staff made our wait worth while. If this is what it was like on an off day i cant wait til we come back and we will. Kudos guys.3 days ago   ·  1
Wanda Gibbons MidkiffAnd my daughter Natalie's Birthday too ! Thanks for taking care of her , when we are miles away ... Her Mom and Dad.4 days ago   ·  2
Aaron MullenYa...these guys were amazing. And they seriously have no asses right now. Like... straight down. Kinda weird looking actually.4 days ago   ·  6
Josh CoffeeKudos from a fellow chef.4 days ago   ·  3
Mo Alekto ConantBravo!!! You saved the day!!!!! :)4 days ago   ·  2
Charlotte BethelI just wanted to say I have not been to your establishment yet as I live in Phoenix and have not been able to travel to Washington. However, the long I follow you on FB the more and more I love your company. I adore seeing employee recognition like this! Good work deserves thanks and public thanks like this is even better!4 days ago   ·  2
Myriam VegaI recognize that shirt! Loot Crate! :D4 days ago   ·  2

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Harry Potter's Birthday celebration Friday & Saturday starting at 6pm! ... See MoreSee Less

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Samantha LoveOnly after 6pm both days?5 days ago
Kyle DeSaulniersToday is also my birthday :) theme park then AFK tavern yes please5 days ago   ·  2
Tanner GregoryLauren Nein wanna go tonight!?5 days ago
Theodore AllanEden we should go! I want a Dark Mark :D5 days ago   ·  1
Brock Van ArsdallThat is fantastic!! The wife and oldest daughter just finished a 2 day Potter marathon.... i should send them up north on Sat :)5 days ago
Lizzie ParkerTanner Gregory something you might enjoy!5 days ago
Brittney Lynn HollandRocky Covey, this is the place5 days ago
Jenn HoltOmg.. Katie Pence Kristen Crosslin.. I wish we could go!5 days ago
Michele HeldTatiana Warnek5 days ago   ·  1
Sean MathisonLaura Eberhard5 days ago   ·  1

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Karaoke tonight at 9pm!

Join us tomorrow and saturday, starting at 6pm, as we celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday!
Harry Potter's 35th Birthday
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A different type of gaming community center.

AFK Tavern is first and foremost a community center for nerds, gamers, geeks, and internet socialites.

It’s our philosophy that you can stay as long as you want, hang out and play games. We won’t kick you out just to turn a table, we aren’t in this to make the big bucks…we’re here for you!
We are run by our online community. Over 20,000 people communicate with us every week about their ideas, and we do our best to make them happen. From the food we serve, to the drinks we mix – the community has guided us the entire time.
morecoolpeopleatafkWhat that has guided us too is exemplary food quality, amazing theme nights, a drink menu with over 100 custom cocktails. We are passionate about making visiting AFK an experience you wont forget. We are also more than happy to provide each geek a special time fit for your needs. Have a gluten free need or other alergy? Many Vegan friendly options exist! Let your server know! Want a reservation for 30 for your Jedi theme bar mitzvah? Chuck us an Email!
So who are we? We’re gamers. Nerds. Geeks. We’re AFK, We’re a Geek bar! And we’re okay with that.

AFK Tavern has been rocking for just about 5 years now. We’d love if you joined us!