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Happy "hour" today, 3pm to 7pm. Sliders, tacos, and more. ... See MoreSee Less

This week's winners of WTF?! MONDAY NIGHT TRIVIA:
(Otherwise known as Sugoii Waifu Arigato Gozaimasu)

Congratulations to our winners for their incredible point collection on the multi-pointed answer, as well as to all the teams and newcomers who participated tonight! We will see you guys again next Monday at 7pm for more crazy eclectic trivia questions. :D
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AFK TavernWho was dipped by the heel in the River Styx to give him invulnerability? Achilles What is the proper name for the potion “Liquid Luck?” Felix Felicis What is the name of the paranoid android in the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? Marvin What element's atomic symbol is "Co"? Cobalt Creature identification time! What do you call those weird yellow ostrich-looking creatures in the Final Fantasy universe? Chocobo What colors are used in four-color process printing? (Specific shades, please!) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Katherine Pryde is the secret identity of what Marvel character? Shadowcat What Stanley Kubrick movie featured gangs of young punks loose in a future Britain? A Clockwork Orange What name is given to the SI derived unit of electrical resistance? Ohm Who is the world's richest duck? Scrooge McDuck According to the first "Austin Powers" movie, what is Austin's middle name? Danger Known as “God’s Number” what is the maximum number of moves necessary to solve a Rubik's Cube? 20 When graphed, the implicit curve equation produces what shape? A heart In the movie "The Karate Kid", what is the name of Daniel's master? Mr.Miyagi After the tragic loss of his wife (spoilers?!, lololol) Rick Grimes is currently seeing what Atlanta Survivor in the Walking Dead comics? Andrea What is the name of the cross-bred “monster with bigger teeth” from the new Jurassic World? Indomitable Rex What was the last name of Dennis the Menace's older neighbor that Dennis would consistently bother? Wilson What movie is set in the year 2154 on the moon of Pandora? Avatar Who flew from England to America in a giant peach carried by seagulls? James Where does The Wizard of Oz make his home? The Emerald City _______ ROUND 2 _______ Who taught Divination at Hogwarts? Sybil Trelawney Whose chest contained the "Treasure Island" map? Billy Bones According to Greek mythology, what was the only spirit that remained in Pandora's box? Hope How many puppies did Missis Pongo give birth to in the book "The Hundred and One Dalmatians"? 15 Laika was the name of the first what in space? The first dog Who played Clark Kent in the first "Superman" movie in 1978? Christopher Reeve What is the first feature film trilogy to be shot concurrently with the same cast? Lord of the Rings Who averaged one invention patent for every two weeks of his working life? Thomas Edison Oswald Cobblepot refers to what Batman villain? Penguin What were the names of the two pivotal characters based around legendary weapons in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword? Fi and Ghirahim What Victor Hugo title character was enamored with a poor gypsy girl named Esmerelda? Quasimodo Which series of novels written by Stephen King refers to its main character as "The Last Gunslinger"? The Dark Tower What author created Dr. Hannibal Lecter? Thomas Harris In the Disney movie “Aladdin”, Iago poses as a what before stealing the lamp? Flamingo For one point each, name has many members as you can of Kingdom Heart’s “Organization XIII”. a. Xemnas b. Xigbar c. Xaldin d. Vexen e. Lexaeus f. Zexion g. Saix h. Axel i. Demyx j. Luxord k. Marluxia l. Larxene m. Roxas In season one of Orange Is the New Black, Piper Chapman has been sentenced to prison for a crime committed ten years earlier. How long was her initial sentence for? Fifteen months While attending Hogwarts, James Potter and his close friends all became Animagi (wizards that can transform into animals). James's animal form was unique to the group, earning him what nickname? Prongs What is the only bonus item, that dances around the maze, Ms. Pac-Man can eat that is not a type of fruit? Pretzel In NATO's phonetic alphabet, what does the letter "J" refer to? Juliett Final Fantasy games tend to play out as interactive movies at times, but they have dabbled in actual movies. What was the title of the first CGI animated feature film? The Spirits Within15 hours ago

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Happening tomorrow in the main dining room:

Don't have your own playable set? No worries! We have some loaners provided on hand for new or experienced players.

Unsure how the rules of engagement work? Don't fret! We have our coordinator Erik available on hand to show new players the ropes, and participating veteran players willing to lend a hand or tactics/strategy!

Accompanying on the main house stage: Free-For-All Super Smash Brothers Melee fights! Come in with friends and show them Kirby isn't just an adorable ball of pink singing fluff, but an all consuming bad ass who will listen to the lamentations of it's enemies women! (Or, you know, something more PG like crying from a hot tater tot.)

Fight or Flight
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Fight or Flight

Jul 7, 6:00pm

AFK Tavern

X-Wing Miniatures war gaming in the main dining room! Don't have your own minis? No worries! We have loaners on hand for new or experienced players. Don't know how to play? Quite alright! We have E...

Trivia starts in an hour! A/C, winning prize bottle of mead, good company!

WTF?! Trivia!
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Happy hour runs from 3pm to 7pm...it's a loose concept of an hour. ... See MoreSee Less

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Angela GulickThe Hubs & I checked your place out for the first time tonight. Had a great time! We played a little WTF? Trivia, had some fantastic food, our server was super friendly, helpful and on top of things, our glasses were never once empty. We appreciate the great service Talon. :) Thanks for a wonderful evening folks, I have no doubt we will be back!13 hours ago   ·  1
Isibeau D'AquillaThey're more like guidelines than actual rules....1 day ago   ·  2
Kelci ErneHappy Timey Wimey Hour.15 hours ago   ·  1
Karen 'Elewys' Draper OsthellerIs this a space-time-continuum thing?16 hours ago   ·  1
Cole CroleyJust call it "Our Happy Hours"23 hours ago   ·  1

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Happening in the main dining room tomorrow at 7pm, Monday night trivia! Come test your nerdy mettle against other teams for a good time, cold A/C and a chance to win a lovely bottle of mead! ... See MoreSee Less

WTF?! Trivia!

Jul 6, 7:00pm

AFK Tavern

Trivia may include any and up to: Star Wars, Whedon 'verse, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, movie trivia, Harry Potter, comics, science, Marvel, board & card games, DC Comics, Disney, novels, Doctor Who, ...

Waffles & Bloody Marys at Noon. The Breakfast of Champions. ... See MoreSee Less

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Heather FoisieI thought Tony Stark's Breakfast of Champions was the breakfast of champions.2 days ago   ·  1

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Come join us for our Happy hour kick off! Celebrate the 4th with some awesome deals from us. It's happy hour all Saturday! (4 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Jon Alan BentleyHow about an address in the ad. I can look it up.3 days ago

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AFK Tavern created an event. ... See MoreSee Less

Newcomers of Aquaterra Meeting

Jul 13, 7:00pm

AFK Tavern

All are invited to attend! SCA Newcomers Meeting, hosted by the Chatelaine of Aqua Terra, Arnora (Tracy Murphy). If you are new to the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism), or if you've been around...

Karaoke is scheduled to start in the bar in a few minutes! Come and choose a song from DJ Akuma's extensive karaoke library and sing the night away. We have multiple mics for numerous singers, and we even have a wireless mic for people who are under 21 for outside the bar. And yes, our AC is still on. :) ... See MoreSee Less



A different type of gaming community center.

AFK Tavern is first and foremost a community center for nerds, gamers, geeks, and internet socialites.

It’s our philosophy that you can stay as long as you want, hang out and play games. We won’t kick you out just to turn a table, we aren’t in this to make the big bucks…we’re here for you!
We are run by our online community. Over 20,000 people communicate with us every week about their ideas, and we do our best to make them happen. From the food we serve, to the drinks we mix – the community has guided us the entire time.
morecoolpeopleatafkWhat that has guided us too is exemplary food quality, amazing theme nights, a drink menu with over 100 custom cocktails. We are passionate about making visiting AFK an experience you wont forget. We are also more than happy to provide each geek a special time fit for your needs. Have a gluten free need or other alergy? Many Vegan friendly options exist! Let your server know! Want a reservation for 30 for your Jedi theme bar mitzvah? Chuck us an Email!
So who are we? We’re gamers. Nerds. Geeks. We’re AFK, We’re a Geek bar! And we’re okay with that.

AFK Tavern has been rocking for just about 5 years now. We’d love if you joined us!