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Happening tomorrow! Do you have a project that you have been putting aside, and need a reason to jump back into it? We are giving you an excuse to do so!

Come and mingle with other crafty geeks. Share ideas, ask questions, maybe learn something new! Oh, and gossip. A craft social would not be complete without gossip. ;)

Sew & Tell - Social Crafting Cricle
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Sew & Tell - Social Crafting Cricle

Jul 1, 6:00pm

AFK Tavern

Calling our fellow creative minds! Our crafting circle has been a big hit here at AFK Tavern, and we would love you to join us! This will be a weekly event for all crafts-sewing, scrapbooking, stampin...

Erica GeerOh man, AFK Tavern!! Don't make me want you, when I can't have you!! Will be knitting tonight, and be there in spirit! ;)17 hours ago

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X-Wing Miniatures war gaming in the main dining room!
Don't have your own minis? No worries! We have loaners on hand for new or experienced players.

Don't know how to play? Quite alright! We have Erik available to show new players the ropes, and participating veteran players willing to lend a hand or battle strategy.

Accompanying on the main house stage: Free-For-All Super Smash Brothers Melee fights! Come in with friends and show them Kirby isn't just an adorable ball of pink singing fluff, but an all consuming bad ass who will listen to the lamentations of it's enemies women! (Or, you know, something more PG like crying from a hot tater tot.)

Fight or Flight
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Fight or Flight

Jun 30, 6:00pm

AFK Tavern

X-Wing Miniatures war gaming in the main dining room! Don't have your own minis? No worries! We have loaners on hand for new or experienced players. Don't know how to play? Quite alright! We have E...

This week's winners of WTF?! Monday night trivia:
Congratulations to winners for their second round tie breaker win, earning themselves a wonderful new bottle of Moonlight Meadery's Wild mead!

To our participating teams tonight, great job and thank you for coming! Be sure to join us next week (Monday) starting again at 7pm for more nerdy/geeky/eclectic trivia! Δ
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Would you like to know more?

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AFK TavernThe IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson, who plays Jen Barber, is currently playing Laura on what AMC series featuring “Synths”? HUM∀NS What are the names of the two tribes of the Au’ra, the recently included race on the Final Fantasy 14 MMO? Xaela + Raen In the Walking Dead comic books, who is the sharpest shooter of the survivors? Andrea What are the four names of the raptors featured in Jurassic World? Charlie, Echo, Delta and Blue “Where are the heroes” is the slogan for what up and coming TV show this fall? Heroes: Reborn Ororo Munroe is the secret identity of what Marvel superhero? Storm What children's books character is scared of Heffalumps and Woozles? Winnie the Pooh Who sometimes says “Codswallop!” in the Potter ‘verse? Hagrid What was the name of Danny's gang in the movie "Grease"? The Thunderbirds How much does it cost to purchase Boardwalk in the standard game of Monopoly? $400 The poet Ogden Nash wrote "Candy is dandy, but liquor is..." what? “Quicker” In The Simpsons, what is the name of Patty and Selma's iguana? Jub-Jub What country was the setting for both Rudyard Kipling’s "The Jungle Book" and "Gunga Din"? India How many colored squares are there on a Rubik's Cube? 54 Which gas has the atomic number 2? Helium Which character did Aubrey Hepburn play in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Holly Golightly According to some faiths and folklore, what being can shed no more than three tears, thus revealing it’s true nature? Witches The song "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" was originally featured in what Disney film? Cinderella Who was the Greek goddess of marriage and women as well as the queen of heaven? Hera While orcs are attacking the crypt in Moria, Boromir says they have a what with them? Cave-troll What was the infamous pseudonym of notorious outlaw and folk hero William Bonney? Billy the Kid The word “frak” was first used in place of a common obscenity on what TV show? Battlestar Galactica What two-word term is the top speed reached by a free-falling object? Terminal velocity Which fantasy book series features a form of magic that drives men insane? The Wheel of Time The Pandorica, the prison designed to hold the Doctor, was originally hidden in what famous landmark? Stonehenge What number is indicated by the Roman numeral "D"? 500 Often referred to as “gender fluid”, actress Ruby Rose plays Stella Carlin on what hit show? Orange Is the New Black In the video game Dead Space, you primarily fight what type of creature? Necromorphs Which Hyena in the Lion King was voiced by Whoopi Goldberg? Shenzi Barbara Millicent Roberts is better known as? Barbie What hit horror-esque CW TV show takes place in the state of Washington? ~iZombie What Welsh actress filled the role of Velma Kelly in the movie version of Chicago? Catherine Zeta-Jones What two characters were “born” when Sora released his heart to restore Kairi’s in Kingdom Hearts? Namine and Roxas What must be held by anyone wishing to speak during meetings in the book "Lord of the Flies"? Conch Shell What does Captain Hammer do solo to show off to Penny at the lake? Paddle boat In the 2007 incarnation of “Hairspray”, who plays Edna Turnblad? John Travolta Who was King Lear's favorite daughter? Cordelia In which game does Link travel into the Thunderhead? Skyward Sword What is the only class able to deploy the Combat Drone in Mass Effect 3? Engineer What musical instrument is sometimes called a "sweet potato"? Ocarina ______________________ TIE BREAKER ______________________ In what novel would you find the character known as the Artful Dodger? Oliver Twist The Mario villain "Wario" first made his appearance in which Nintendo game? Super Mario Land 2 Who gave the voice to Disney's The Lion King villain, Scar? Jeremy Irons What children's book character was introduced by Hans and Margret Rey in 1941? Curious George What actor played the role of Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard movie? Alan Rickman1 day ago   ·  1

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Trivia starts soon! Come take a break out of the heat with some A/C, a cold drink and a chance to win some amazing mead! :D ... See MoreSee Less

AFK Tavern created an WTF?! Trivia!. ... See MoreSee Less

WTF?! Trivia!

Jun 29, 7:00pm

AFK Tavern

Trivia may include any and up to: Star Wars, Whedon 'verse, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, movie trivia, Harry Potter, comics, science, Marvel, board & card games, DC Comics, Disney, novels, Doctor Who, ...

Odin spoke, the thunder rumbled, and thusly the heat did abate! Come celebrate the break in heat with cold A\C and a pint of Odin's Gift, $1 off during our happy hour! ... See MoreSee Less

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Makenna CornwallCan I have Hermes deliver one to me?2 days ago
George Domingo Payumo#Odinforprez20162 days ago

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Today shall forever be remembered as the Saturday where every keg did blow mid pour. ... See MoreSee Less

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Rebecca WrightThe most tragic statement in my news feed.3 days ago   ·  1
Liza CellaThe beer gods demand tribute!2 days ago
Lisa Weeksfile under #oneofthosedays2 days ago

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:D Shout out to Liz who floor soloed like a pro this afternoon! ... See MoreSee Less

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Liz Rexford3 days ago   ·  1

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Was anyone else afraid a hobbit might show up and throw a ring in their house it was so hot yesterday? ... See MoreSee Less

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Robert MearsI thought AFK had metaphasic sheilding installed. :\3 days ago   ·  4
Caolan DixNope. Lovely offshore breeze of 10-15knts down in bayfront neighbourhood of Everett.3 days ago   ·  1
Wendy VermeersI'm sorry...I do not know what you speak of.3 days ago   ·  1
Brad CastroWho didn't have Hobbits show up to their house is the question.3 days ago   ·  1
Cass CamarreIt's 111 in Vegas! I think a hobbit did come by my place3 days ago
Allen Etherno i was not afraid the hobbit gave the ring to me in secret long ago for safekeeping..the only reason the mount doom erupted in mordor was because it was not the real ring....my precious...2 days ago
Jordan-Michael WhidbeyHah, you think it's hot over there, come to Ellensburg XD3 days ago
Alene AverettIt's 95 in my house right now, so I will expecting them..3 days ago
Cj BowmanThankfully I had this magical contraption that runs off gold that managed to keep my house hobbit free. My purse is a bit lighter now though.3 days ago
Shawnee FlemingYessss lolol!3 days ago
Sandi GarrodI'm thinking that might happen this weekend :p3 days ago
Nathan LechnerIts my precious3 days ago
Makenna CornwallNo, but I was flying back from Texas...so the temps here are refreshing3 days ago
Apryl VrtisI'm expecting some short, hairy-footed guests any minute now.3 days ago
Autumn LoveNo I thought ppl were setting themselves on fire lol. Its soo hot!3 days ago
Maria Mcnamee-HirtLol.3 days ago
Robert BoydChuck IV Brooks lol3 days ago   ·  1

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A different type of gaming community center.

AFK Tavern is first and foremost a community center for nerds, gamers, geeks, and internet socialites.

It’s our philosophy that you can stay as long as you want, hang out and play games. We won’t kick you out just to turn a table, we aren’t in this to make the big bucks…we’re here for you!
We are run by our online community. Over 20,000 people communicate with us every week about their ideas, and we do our best to make them happen. From the food we serve, to the drinks we mix – the community has guided us the entire time.
morecoolpeopleatafkWhat that has guided us too is exemplary food quality, amazing theme nights, a drink menu with over 100 custom cocktails. We are passionate about making visiting AFK an experience you wont forget. We are also more than happy to provide each geek a special time fit for your needs. Have a gluten free need or other alergy? Many Vegan friendly options exist! Let your server know! Want a reservation for 30 for your Jedi theme bar mitzvah? Chuck us an Email!
So who are we? We’re gamers. Nerds. Geeks. We’re AFK, We’re a Geek bar! And we’re okay with that.

AFK Tavern has been rocking for just about 5 years now. We’d love if you joined us!